Initial Repository Creation fails to create/add .hgtimestamp file

Issue #19 resolved
Nathan Durnan
repo owner created an issue

Error log:

{{{ % hg commit --repository C:\Dev\StackPacker\VB --verbose --user ** --message=Initial Repository Creation C:\Dev\StackPacker\VB.hgignore Executing timestamp_mod function Error accessing .hgtimestamp file! *** __ Saving timestamps... ------ 2011.07.27 13:09:03 .hgignore abort: .hgtimestamp not under root [command returned code 255 Wed Jul 27 13:09:34 2011]


Hooks need to create the timestamp file and ADD it before attempting the commit!

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  1. Nathan Durnan reporter
    • changed status to open
    • changed version to 0.1.2

    Issue is more persistent now. May be able to fix it!

    Current Output Log:

    % hg commit --repository [foldername] --verbose --user ** --message=Initial Repository Creation [foldername]\.hgignore Wrap_Commit accessed! Executing timestamp_mod function ----- match: ['.hgignore', '.hgtimestamp'] * Error accessing .hgtimestamp file! * * Exception: (<type 'exceptions.IOError'>, IOError(2, 'No such file or directory'), <traceback object at 0x0424F300>) * __ Saving timestamps... ------ 2012.01.12 11:28:39 .hgignore abort: .hgtimestamp not under root [command returned code 255 Thu Jan 12 11:37:54 2012]

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