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Issue #36 resolved

Check .hgtimestamp file exists.

created an issue

I think, when .hgtimestamp was not found, do nothing. That will fix with following code.

{{{ def _read_TimestampJSONRecords(repo, IN_TimestampFileName, INOUT_TimeStamp_dict): '''Read data from Timestamp JSON Record File.''' myTimeStampJSONFile = '' myErr = False #initialize as boolean + if not os.path.exists(repo.wjoin(IN_TimestampFileName)): + return myErr # return no error. try: myTimeStampJSONFile = open(repo.wjoin(IN_TimestampFileName), 'r') }}}

Thank you.

Comments (4)

  1. Nathan Durnan repo owner

    No more error message will be displayed when the .hgtimestamp file is missing from the working directory. Errors are still displayed if it exists, but can not be opened; or if it exists, but reading fails.

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