Save timestamps for ONLY committed files.

Issue #37 resolved
Nathan Durnan
repo owner created an issue

Originally reported by TAKAHIRO Kitahara(@Takahiro KITAHARA) in a fork of this project:

When committing specific files, the extension is saving the timestamps of ALL files tracked in the repository even if they are not included in the commit.

Reproduction steps: {{{ mkdir c:\testtmp cd c:\testtmp hg init echo "abc" > abc.txt hg add abc.txt hg commit -m "abc" hg glog type .hgtimestamp echo "abc" > bcd.txt hg add bcd.txt hg commit -m "add bcd" echo "abc" >> abc.txt echo "efg" >> bcd.txt type .hgtimestamp hg commit -m "commit bcd only" bcd.txt type .hgtimestamp }}}

Expected Result: Only the timestamp record for the {{{bcd.txt}}} file should change. The timestamp record for the {{{abc.txt}}} file should remain the same.

Actual Result: the timestamp records for BOTH files are changed in the commit.

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