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Issue #38 resolved

Error reading JSON file with no timestamp data.

Nathan Durnan
repo owner created an issue

The {{{_read_TimestampJSONRecords}}} function fails and returns an error when updating to a revision that has no timestamp data recorded.

Reproduction commands: {{{ hg init echo "abc" > abc.txt hg commit -m "add abc.txt" -A hg remove abc.txt hg commit -m "remove abc.txt" hg up 0 hg up 1 }}} This is an edge-case, and should rarely be an issue during normal use. Updating to a revision with no files in the working directory is not common. But it still needs looked at.

Originally reported as part of TAKAHIRO Kitahara(Takahiro KITAHARA)'s issue found here:


Comments (2)

  1. Nathan Durnan reporter

    Check for no entries in FileData section before testing for errors. See Issue#38 at BitBucket.

    If there are no entries in the FileData section, then both myWarnCount and len(myData['FileData'])} would be zero. This is not an error condition. It just indicates that the Working Directory is empty.


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