.hgtimestamp cannot be merged if timestamp of identical file differs on different computers

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At the moment tool-merging of the .hgtimestamp file always fails with our projects. I assume that the problem is that some files have identical contents on the different workstations but have different timestamps (either because I or my colleagues have not been using timestampmod right from the start or because someone used "revert"). This means that the corresponding lines (entries) in the .hgtimestamp file remain different because as long as the files' contents do not change, mercury does not commit/push/pull them and then also timestampmod does not change their timestamp. If you change such a file, mercuy tool-merge shows in .hgtimestamp tree different timestamps for the same file. (original on local revison, original on other revision, changed one). I suggest: After the merge check that the timestamps of all files math those in the .hgtimestamp file. Otherwise change them. (Do NOT change .hgtimestamp) The next time (and any time later) it should work fine.

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  1. Nathan Durnan repo owner

    I have a couple questions:

    1. What version of the extension is your team using? The current (0.2.6) should already have a post-resolve/post-merge hook that does what you are suggesting.
    2. If you are using v0.2.6, have you set up the hook definitions in your Mercurial.ini configuration file? The instructions are in the README.MD file or on the "Overview" tab here at Bitbucket. The pre- and post- hooks could not automatically be configured for TortoiseHg and must be added manually to the configuration file.

    Please let me know if either of these two items is contributing to your issue. I am happy to spend some time looking into this, but I will need additional information (example or reproduction steps?) if you still need further help.

  2. Nathan Durnan repo owner

    Did my questions lead to the resolution of this issue, or is it still a problem? I can't help fix the issue without end-user feedback...

    If thie issue has been resolved, I would appreciate it if the OP would update the issue status.

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