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TimeStampMod is an extension for Mercurial DVCS that incorporates automatic saving and restoring of the modification times of files under version control. This extension is based on an original timestamp extension by Friedrich Kastner- Masilko <face@snoopie.at> hosted at https://bitbucket.org/face/timestamp.

The intent of this extension is to ease the transition from manual file system based version control into the Mercurial DVCS world. Typically, manual file system based version control methods rely on copying and synchronizing files centered around file modification timestamp information. Under any modern VCS, this timestamp information is regarded as unimportant since the VCS manages all of the revision tracking between revision records. This means that the default behaviour of most VCS is to set the file modification time to the time that the file was updated by the VCS instead of the original modification time. This is a behaviour that can be confusing and lead to mistrust of the VCS by new users who are not yet familiar with VCS concepts.

Incorporating automatic timestamp saving and restoring into an extension allows Mercurial to add an extra level of comfort to those users who are more familiar with manually managing their version control via traditional file management.


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