Vagrant Magento

Set-up an Ubuntu host and provision:

  • Nginx
  • MySQL
  • Magento
  • With the option of adding the Magento Sample Data as an example application


You'll need:

Optional sample application

In my Magento Puppet module, I've allowed you to optionally install the Magento sample application so you can explore the admin interface etc. If you take a look at the base.pp file in the puppet directory, you'll see the following class that instantiates that module:

class { "magento":
    /* magento version */
    version => "",

    /* magento database settings */
    db_username => "magento",
    db_password => "magento",

    /* magento admin user */
    admin_username => "admin",
    admin_password => "123123abc",

    /* "yes" or "no" */
    use_rewrites => "yes",

    /* true or false */
    use_sample_data => true,

Just set the use_sample_data flag to false like so:

use_sample_data => false,

This will now build a vanilla Magento environment.


$ vagrant up


$ vagrant destroy
$ git clean -dxf