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     ColInstance *result = ol_alloc(sizeof(*result));
-    result->net = network_init();
+    result->net = network_init(0);
     return result;


     int foo;
 } ColNetwork;
-ColNetwork *network_init();
+ColNetwork *network_init(int port);
 ColStatus network_destroy(ColNetwork *net);
 void network_start(ColNetwork *net);


 #include "col-internal.h"
 #include "net/network.h"
+ * Create a new instance of the network interface. "port" is the local TCP
+ * port to listen on; 0 means to use an ephemeral port.
+ */
 ColNetwork *
+network_init(int port)
     ColNetwork *result = ol_alloc(sizeof(*result));
     return result;
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