Build dependencies: flex (>= 2.3.35), bison, cmake (>= 2.8), apr (>= 1.4),
apr-util (>= 1.3) and SQLite (>= 3). At the moment, the binaries provided by
each of these packages (flex, bison, apr-1-config, and apu-1-config) must be in
your $PATH. Note that apr 1.4 has only recently been released, and so you may
need to build from source.

To build:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

By default, this performs a "debug" build: assertions are enabled, and
compiler optimizations are disabled. To disable assertions and enable
optimizations, specify a release build when running cmake:

cmake -D C4_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..

To run:

cd build
./src/c4i/c4i foo.olg

Code Style:

* Use four spaces for indentation, not tabs.

* When including headers, external headers should be included first,
  then "c4-internal.h", and finally other required C4 headers. Within
  each group, includes should be sorted alphabetically.

* Error messages (e.g. ERROR()) should begin with a capital letter.

* Lines should generally be wrapped at 80 characters.

* Declarations and statements should NOT be intermixed.