Andy Mikhailenko


A flexible Django application implementing the Entity-Attribute-Value model with Django. No patching required. Works with traditional RDBMS. Grew from an online shop project.


A collection of scripts for more or less daily use


A lightweight and unobtrusive layered ODM for MongoDB.


Doqu (i.e. document-query) is a lightweight Python framework for document databases. It provides a uniform API for modeling, validation and queries across various kinds of storages.


`Dark` is an acronym for "Data Analysis and Reporting Kit". It helps find patterns in a set of irregular (mixed) data, sort various documents and pile them in stacks by certain properties, define schemata for existing data, build pivot tables and calculate various aggregates. Great for CSV, JSON, etc.


Tool is a lightweight web/console framework.


Glasnägel is a set of goodies (shortcuts, decorators, etc.) for the Glashammer_


I guess you don't need it. Anyway, it will *not* work out of the box due to some private dependencies. It is only reusable within a certain ecosystem. :) I don't think such stuff is worth making truly reusable.

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