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 A very simple application with one command::
-    @arg('text')  # signature is same as ArgumentParser.add_argument
-    def echo(args):
-        print args.text
+    @command
+    def echo(text='hello'):
+        print text
     parser = ArghParser()
     if __name__ == '__main__':
+The powerful API of `argparse` is also available::
+    @arg('text', default='hello world', nargs='+', help='The message')
+    def echo(args):
+        print args.text
+The approaches can be safely combined.


 Dive in
-Defining commands is dead simple::
+Defining and running commands is dead simple::
     from argh import *
     def load(path, format='json'):
         print loaders[format].load(path)
-    argh.dispatch()
+    p = ArghParser()
+    p.add_commands([load])
+    p.dispatch()
 And then call your script like this::
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