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-The "Argh" project was originally developed by:
-  * Andrey Mikhaylenko <>
+Here is an inevitably incomplete list of contributors, i.e. people who have
+suggested features, reported bugs, submitted patches, wrote packaging scripts
+and generally made *Argh* better:
-...and here is an inevitably incomplete list of contributors, i.e.
-people who have submitted patches, reported bugs, added translations
-and generally made Models better:
+:Andrey Mikhaylenko:  Author, Maintainer
+:Gora Khargosh:       Bug reports
+:Mika Eloranta:       Patches
+:Fabien Devaux:       ArchLinux package
+:Hannu Valtonen:      Debian package
+:Georges Dubus:       Python3 support fixes
+:Roman Ovchinnikov:   Debian package
+:thethomasw:          Python2.6 bug reports
+:Tuk Bredsdorff:      List of similar projects
+:Mike Gilbert:        Gentoo package; patch
-  * Gora Khargosh (bug reports)
-  * Mika Eloranta (patches)
-  * Fabien Devaux (ArchLinux package)
-  * Hannu Valtonen (Debian package)
-  * Georges Dubus (Python3 support fixes)
-  * Roman Ovchinnikov (Debian package)
-  * thethomasw (Python2.6 bug reports)
-  * Tuk Bredsdorff (list of similar projects)
-  * Mike Gilbert (encoding patch; Gentoo package)
-  * you? :) :-)
+    Patches, ideas and any feedback is highly appreciated.
-Patches, ideas and any feedback is highly appreciated.
+Early versions were somewhat inspired by Alexander Solovyov's opster_.
+.. _opster:
+Thanks to the authors of argparse_ for the excellent library.
+.. _argparse:


+.. include:: ../AUTHORS
+   contributors
 Indices and tables


 Real-life usage
 Below are some examples of applications using `argh`, grouped by supported
 version of Python.


 API Reference
 .. automodule:: argh
 Similar projects
 Obviously, `Argh` is not the only CLI helper library in the Python world.
 It was created when some similar solutions already existed; more appeared