Andy Mikhailenko avatar Andy Mikhailenko committed 790a6e9

Added patch by Mika Eloranta to subparser commands visible in the main level --help.

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+The "Argh" project was originally developed by:
+  * Andrey Mikhaylenko <>
+...and here is an inevitably incomplete list of contributors, i.e.
+people who have submitted patches, reported bugs, added translations
+and generally made Models better:
+  * Gora Khargosh (bug reports)
+  * Mika Eloranta (patches)
+  * you? :)
+Patches, ideas and any feedback is highly appreciated.
-version = '0.10.0'
+version = '0.10.1'
     if namespace:
         # make a namespace placeholder and register the commands within it
         assert isinstance(namespace, str)
-        subsubparser = subparsers.add_parser(namespace)
+        subsubparser = subparsers.add_parser(namespace, help=title)
         subparsers = subsubparser.add_subparsers(title=title,
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