argh / AUTHORS


Here is an inevitably incomplete list of contributors, i.e. people who have
suggested features, reported bugs, submitted patches, wrote packaging scripts
and generally made *Argh* better:

:Andrey Mikhaylenko:  Author, Maintainer
:Gora Khargosh:       Bug reports
:Mika Eloranta:       Patches
:Fabien Devaux:       ArchLinux package
:Hannu Valtonen:      Debian package
:Georges Dubus:       Python3 support fixes
:Roman Ovchinnikov:   Debian package
:thethomasw:          Python2.6 bug reports
:Tuk Bredsdorff:      List of similar projects
:Mike Gilbert:        Gentoo package; patch
:Marco Nenciarini:    Patch for shell completion :-)
    Patches, ideas and any feedback is highly appreciated.


Early versions were somewhat inspired by Alexander Solovyov's opster_.

.. _opster:

Thanks to the authors of argparse_ for the excellent library for which Argh
is merely a wrapper.

.. _argparse:

Thanks to Andrey Kislyuk for writing argcomplete_ and thus allowing Argh
to remain compact.

.. _argcomplete:

Thanks to the authors of py.test_, tox_, virtualenv_, mock_ and related
projects (or ideas) for automating the routine and letting the developer focus
on the task and enjoy TDD.

.. _py.test:
.. _tox:
.. _virtualenv:
.. _mock:

Thanks to Bitbucket_ team for the not-too-commercial approach to the excellent
tools they provide.

.. _bitbucket: