Andy Mikhailenko avatar Andy Mikhailenko committed db836f8

Added support for South.

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 # django
 from django.db.models.fields import SlugField
-# app
+# 3rd-party
+    from south.modelsinspector import introspector
+except ImportError:
+    introspector = lambda self: [], {}
+# this app
 from autoslug.settings import slugify
 import utils
         setattr(instance,, slug)
         return slug
+    def south_field_triple(self):
+        "Returns a suitable description of this field for South."
+        args, kwargs = introspector(self)
+        kwargs.update({'populate_from': 'None', 'unique_with': '()'})
+        return ('autoslug.fields.AutoSlugField', args, kwargs)
     name     = 'django-autoslug',
-    version  = '1.3.7',
+    version  = '1.3.8',
     packages = ['autoslug'],
     requires = ['python (>= 2.4)', 'django (>= 1.0)'],
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