Andy Mikhailenko avatar Andy Mikhailenko committed dfe87e9

BUGFIX: template tag get_breadcrumb_trail was broken. Thanks to Richard Frankel for the patch.

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 generally made django-navigation better:
 * Mikhail Korobov
+* Richard Frankel
 * Your Name Here ;)
 # tests coverage, b) sphinx and properly import the version from a
 # single place so that I don't have to edit it always here and there.
-version = '0.8.0'
+version = '0.8.1'


     warnings.warn('Template filter "get_title" is deprecated. Use "breadcrumb"'
                   ' tag instead. See django-navigation documentation for'
                   ' details.', DeprecationWarning)
-    return find_crumb(request)
+    return find_crumb(context['request'])
 def get_sections(request):
     """ Returns the trail of :term:`breadcrumbs`. Each breadcrumb is
     represented by a :class:`navigation.helpers.Crumb` instance.
-    return _get_trail(request, exclude_section=False)
+    return _get_trail(context['request'], exclude_section=False)
 def get_navigation(request):
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