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django-navigation / CHANGELOG

Changelog before extracting into separate repository:

changeset:   44:890ae3bd4d1b
user:        Andy Mikhailenko <neithere@gmail.com>
date:        Thu Oct 30 03:47:19 2008 +0500
summary:     navigation app: Fix bug introduced in previous revision. (Middleware name must be the full string, not a substring: it is looked up in a list)

changeset:   43:d4bef747556f
user:        Andy Mikhailenko <neithere@gmail.com>
date:        Tue Oct 28 11:46:49 2008 +0500
summary:     navigation app: Insert dummy crumbs into the nav. path to avoid breaking design with orphans (of course, the links won't work anyway).

changeset:   42:825754d5661d
user:        Andy Mikhailenko <neithere@gmail.com>
date:        Tue Oct 28 09:07:59 2008 +0500
summary:     navigation app: Replace AssertionError with CannotResolveCrumb exception. This exception does not propagate to client code and, thus, does not break it.

changeset:   9:af57055830ad
user:        Andy Mikhailenko <neithere@gmail.com>
date:        Mon Aug 04 03:12:21 2008 +0600
summary:     Move navigation app settings into code itself to simplify things and avoid portability issues.

changeset:   7:20692943e906
user:        Andy Mikhailenko <neithere@gmail.com>
date:        Sun Aug 03 19:19:00 2008 +0100
summary:     Remove modules deprecated by the new navigation app

changeset:   6:b366a406b9fc
parent:      4:4e613e6cd0ca
user:        Andy Mikhailenko <neithere@gmail.com>
date:        Mon Aug 04 00:07:00 2008 +0600
summary:     Add navigation app.