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Why view_shortcuts.filters, not django.contrib.admin.filterspecs?

  • ordinary views, not only admin
  • lookups mapped to params --> security
  • no pre-generated html --> valid, flexible
  • QuerySet in, QuerySet out: can pre- and post-filter
  • choices with respect to existing QuerySet

What's good in filterspecs (included here now, too):

  • factory with simple tests - enables field-specific behaviour - easily extendable with custom filterspecs


  • more filters: - alphabetic - date drilldown - date fadeout - range selection
  • add ability to enforce a filter when creating a FilterList (e.g. date drilldown/fadeout have to pass the same test and, therefore, the one which is declared earlier will be chosen automatically; this makes no sense and developer should be able to choose the field manually.)

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