MongoDB backend: switch to MongoEngine?

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Andy Mikhailenko
repo owner created an issue

Currently we use the default [[|PyMongo]] which is a moderately low-level library.

Other options: [[|MongoBongo]] ([[|code]]) which is arguably too simplistic: it a) defines models as property-agnostic objects bound to collections (that's irrelevant for us as PyModels' greatest feature is natural identification within a single collection, so we interpret collections as distinct storages), and b) leaves intact the PyMongo's major wart, the query syntax; [[|MongoKit]] ([[|docs]], [[|code]]) which is really interesting but incompatible with PyModels as it best deals with nested JSON schemata, not plain documents; [[|Ming]] ([[|docs]]) which is in some crazy way close to our API, provides MongoDB-specific validation tools (a bit like MongoKit but the latter does that in a more elegant way) and even migration tools, but leaves the above-mentioned wart intact; [[|MongoEngine]] ([[|docs]], [[|code]]) which somewhat duplicates our model API and provides a decent query API; I think we could reuse/wrap some of its functionality to provide a solid backend-independent API without hiding away the backend-specific implementation of properties and queries.

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  1. Andy Mikhailenko reporter

    Reviewed and decided that switching is not needed. MongoKit, MongoEngine, MongoBongo and Ming add too much logic. The storage/query adapters would have to ignore most features because the Docu core already implements them in a backend-agnostic way. Pymongo is just enough.

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