Think of a better API to define natural keys for models

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Andy Mikhaylenko
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Model is a way to specify the structure of a certain subset of data within a storage. It defines constraints which can be used for both validation of items being saved and querying of items being already in the database. So I guess we can use the properties for both tasks in most cases.

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  1. Andy Mikhaylenko reporter
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    Each field provides:

    • validation of incoming data;
    • validation of stored data against the model, i.e. the field contributes to query so that SomeModel.query(storage) returns only required results;
    • type conversion (backend-specific, so backend must be able to introspect the model or at least fields).

    Sometimes we'll need compound validation (e.g.: Staff = required(name OR username OR email) AND is_stuff=True). Obviously this can't be done on property level, so Meta.must_have can be used. It can be implemented as a function which expects BaseQuery subclass as an argument and returns its instance (which can be later applied to another query in order to find intersection between them).

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