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 What are the primary use cases of Monk?
 Why would I want to use Monk?
+What problems does Monk solve?
+* Validation of arbitrary data
+* Populating incomplete documents with regard to a schema
+* Defining schemata in a universal way for different backends
+* Keeping it simple
 What does Monk do?
 4. provides an optional ODM for MongoDB based on the above-mentioned features.
-Is Monk a usable library or a building block for ODMs?
+What are the downsides of Monk?
+* Monk API is still not very stable.
+Is Monk a standalone tool or a building block for ODMs?
 Monk comes with a MongoDB extension but since v.0.6 the dependency is optional.
-What problems does Monk solve?
-What are the downsides of Monk?