Pyrant is a Python wrapper around Tokyo Tyrant. It provides:

  • pyrant.protocol is a not-too-pythonic implementation of the Tyrant protocol. It supports the table database and all Tyrant features but does not attempt to do anything else;
  • pyrant.Tyrant is a higher-level pythonic dict-like API;
  • pyrant.query is a high-level API for complex queries (inspired by Django ORM).

Usually you will only want to use the Tyrant class because it is built on top of the protocol module and provides access to it and to the query API.


See complete HTML documentation for details. Sometimes it may get slightly outdated. You can always have the latest snapsnot by building it from the source (using Sphinx).

What is Tokyo Tyrant?

Tokyo Tyrant is a network interface for Tokyo Cabinet.

Tokyo Cabinet is a lightweight database manager with several storages, including a simple key/value storage and a document-oriented schemaless database with powerful query machinery.

Models (schemata)

Pyrant itself does not provide means for defining models, but our related project Doqu allows to do that easily.


This application was originally created by Martin Conte Mac Donell with some code from PyTyrant by Bob Ippolito. Pyrant was subsequently improved by other developers. They are listed in the AUTHORS file.

Please feel free to file issues and/or submit patches.