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pyrant development roadmap

Tokyo vs. Kyoto

Tokyo Cabinet and Tokyo Tyrant are projects created by Mikio Hirabayashi. Currently he is focusing on a new key-value store product line called Kyoto (see first release announcement). However, he stated that Tokyo products will not be abandoned ("I will keep on maintaining TC and fix bugs if they are found"). Also, Kyoto Cabinet does not have a network interface (like Tokyo Tyrant). In mid-2010 Mikio wrote that he will "undertake a project like Kyoto Tyrant in this year but [...] can't say the delivery time clearly". Thus, we don't have enough information to determine whether Pyrant should deal with both Tokyo and Kyoto or different projects should be used for them.

Current focus

The development of pyrant is therefore focused on being:

  1. feature complete with relation to the latest (maybe last?) Tokyo Tyrant protocol version
  2. bug-free

Currently there is no specific roadmap for new versions of pyrant.