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Fix another date/datetime comparison bug.

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         for rdep in self.rdeps:
             (d, b) = rdep.get_deadline_constraint()
             assert d is not None, 'invariant failure; get_deadline_constraint & check_deadlines do not agree.'
-            if due is None or d < due:
+            if due is None or cmp_datetimes(d, due) < 0:
                 (due, because) = (d, b)
         return (due, because)
     def coerce(dt):
         if not isinstance(dt, datetime.datetime):
-            dt = datetime.datetime(dt.year, dt.month,, 0, 0, 0)
+            # We use the last second so that specific datetimes sort before general dates:
+            dt = datetime.datetime(dt.year, dt.month,, 23, 59, 59)
         return dt
     return cmp(coerce(a), coerce(b))
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