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= Installation =

$ mkdir -p ~/lib/emacs
$ cd ~/lib/emacs
$ ln -s ${PATH_TO_THIS_REPOSITORY}/nej .

# Now edit ~/.emacs and insert ./user-pkg-snippet.el at the top.

# Now add (require 'feature) directives, (global-set-key ...) and (add-hook ...) expressions to your taste.

= Contents =

This repository provides a set of distinct useful features for emacs.

None of these features automatically alter your emacs config.  Instead you
must do this explicitly such as by using (global-set-key) or (add-hook).


This file suggests a way to manage elisp packages on a per-user basis.
(There may already be a standard emacs means of doing this.  If so,
please let me know.)


A set of elisp files.  Each is a separate feature which can be given
to (require) provided the load-path has been configured (such as in the
./user-pkg-snippet.el example).

Each file describes its usage at the top.