ncpufreqd uses /sys interface, so it works only on 2.6.x kernels. It also requires
cpufreq and ACPI to be enabled *before* start of daemon. cpufreq is used to change
the frequency of processor, and ACPI to read AC state (on/off line) and to read
temperature. ncpufreqd requires cpufreq's "powersave" and "performance" governors,
ACPI's temperature and ac state modules (they may also be compiled into kernel).

Using ACPI's throttling requires it to be supported by processor (that may be
checked by looking in /proc/acpi/processor/CPU/ - if file 'throttling' exists
and contains throttling states (T0, T1, ...) - throttling is supported).
ncpufreq will throttle processor speed to keep it from burning, linear
interpolation is used to determine desired throttling level.

Help on configuring the daemon is contained in sample (but working!)

Please see also `man 8 ncpufreqd`.