Crypto is more or less what its name says - a tool for doing stuff concerning communicating or storing info in "occult" ways, as a means to impress or add some security to otherwise mundane or arcane messages (it all depends).

How does it work?


Copy-Paste your text message into the input section (or you can go old school like me and just write it down), and then encode it into one of target "crypto" or "occult" alphabets for added secrecy, after which you can continue working on the message or just click the "~" export button, to export encoded message to an image for use in email, print or on the web.

Who's this tool meant for?

This is actually not any cutting-edge or fringe stuff as some in occult and or crypto circles might already know. This stuff has been the daily bread of sorcerers, magicians, kings and bishops in many traditions across both the ancient and modern world for as long as man knew to write. It might look arcane, but is actually not.

The app is my own utility in occult research work - in particular, for experiments in sigil and talismanic work and for other work related in short-circuiting subconscious communication. Also, this tool can aid in its obvious classical role as a crypto tool - adding the necessary touch to occult communication (which in some regards is just a technical joke between consenting parties).