* libevent
* iconv
* expat xml library
* bzip2

The CLI will not be built by default, set WANT_CLI in common.mk to "yes" if
you want the CLI.

Any dependency that is not found will be automatically downloaded and built.
Missing software will first be copied from the parent directory, if they exist
there. Otherwise they will be downloaded using curl, wget, fetch or ftp. If none of
those programs exist, you will either have to install one of them or manually
download the missing files to the parent directory (check the file extern.mk
file for the urls and versions).

The Aqua GUI will only be built where the XCode tools are installed, the rest
of the package does not depend on Mac OS X. The core DC engine is written in
C and is portable to almost any UNIX. Adding a GTK+ or QT QUI should be

GNU make is needed, BSD make won't work. If you get error messages when running
make, try gmake instead. If you don't have the gmake program, you will have to
install GNU make on your system. Also GCC is required for the automatic
dependency tracking.

To build shakespeer from a source package:

$ tar zxvf shakespeer-<version>.tar.gz
$ cd shakespeer-<version>
$ make
$ make check (optional)

To build shakespeer from the latest sources you need Subversion, available at http://subversion.tigris.org and also in most package managers, including Fink.

$ svn checkout http://shakespeer.googlecode.com/svn/trunk shakespeer
$ cd shakespeer
$ make
$ make check (optional)

To pull any changes from the official repository into your tree, run:
$ cd shakespeer
$ svn up

Note to Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger users:
Running Disk Utility to restore permissions resets links used by gcc 4.0 to gcc
3.3. If you get error messages when linking the Aqua GUI like these:
  "multiple definitions of symbol __Unwind_DeleteException"
you'll have to run the following command:
  $ sudo gcc_select -force 4.0
and then recompile.