Yet Another Tower Defence




* tower: implement tower reloading
* draw bullet graphics and integrate it 
* implement welcome screen
* implement final (game over) screen
* implement different kinds of towers, monsters
* landscape.lua: use drowed map coords instead of global funcs in map.lua
* landscape.lua: more tile kinds support
* ui: add "undo" button
* ui: add 'sell tower' button... or NOT TO DO IT..? 
* ui: russian localisation. I have 2 options: use ImageFont or render it from SVG
* ui: add help tips

* fix and optimize actor tables syncronization
* optimize collision detection


* messaging system (events)
* integrate simple FSM support
* ui layout
* path finder
* collisions: test love phisics with static bodies (does it emit collision events?)
              Test result: it seems that we can get collision event only for objects
              that are controlled by physics engine :(
Found Love2d bugs:
* Huge perfomance degradation if setFont(24) + draw some text on screen
  ** It's a feature: just create a newFont() once and use it
* Perfomance degradation in windows if use a vertical syncronization


* use monster's corpses to make mana