Boris Bügling


Shores is a ShowRSS client, which downloads the latest torrents of TV shows and can take actions on them.


View and control the camera of one Apple device with another. No setup required thanks to GameKit.


Noticed that downloads from iTunes got slow since you use or OpenDNS? The answer usually is that you messed up Akamai's detection of where you are. It happened for me with Google DNS, Akamai chose a server in Malaysia after that. Since I do not want that you have to go to the commandline, you can check the messed-upness of your Akamai with this simple iPhone app.

GMail to Prowl

Push notifications for incoming GMail mail using Prowl.


Recover all your RSS feed URLs from the NetNewsWire cache directory. Very helpful when adding a feed destroys your subscription list in a NNW beta.


A command-line utility for interacting with the API of Prowl ( It supports sending single notifications via command-line or pushing continuous notifications about Twitter keyword searches.


Shell scripts for automating podcast creation and delivery.


Shell scripts for automatically sending content to your Amazon Kindle device.