Shell scripts for automating podcast creation and delivery. 

Currently, it is actually just one script which converts any input
to MP3, applies ReplayGain, adds a cover art via URL as ID3 tag and
uploads the result via FTP. 

1) Installation

You need to have curl installed. If your input file is not an MP3, 
ffmpeg will be utilized. In addition to that, you should have eyeD3
for inserting cover art and mp3gain for applying the ReplayGain
algorithm to your podcast. Both are optional, though, and will simply
not be used if not installed. Furthermore, sox is needed for a 
special conversion path dedicated to recordings created with Ecamm's
Skype Call Recorder.

On OSX, use brew ( to install both:

$ brew install eyeD3 ffmpeg mp3gain sox

Maybe you can also get binary packages, but who uses those?

2) Configuration

Copy the example configuration to $HOME/.nachocast and 
make the necessary adjustments for your podcast.

3) Usage

$ podcast-file

Boris Buegling <>