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Merging NbFeature1135 branch to trunk - Server UI changes
Fixed: Issue 62348: Toggle breakpoint in JSP throws NPE.
because of the implementation dep, don't declare specification version explicitly.
#62370 - New FormBean doesn't use Superclass
Do not stop in synthetic methods.
new project type initial batch, not complete, not enabled.
updated unit tests
ui review
fix bug with wrapped class MBean generation
added helper methods
new manager popup gestion
Changes according to UI spec v1.21
62312: Avoid two adjacent gaps.
Log full stack trace.
Fixing disabled menu labels
#61935 - Return always HTML value.
remove the workaround of a broken NbBundle.DEBUG module
bugfix of issue #62071 and issue #62070 Broken links in javadoc
62306: NPE from removeInterval
Size of indent taken from LayoutStyle.
Container support in swing-layout library.
Wording changes suggested by the Derby team. Not using a username when creating a Derby database - the new database will have no user name (null).
Prefer to send null rather than "" as a user name if none is filled in. "" is always meaningless, whereas null may sometimes make sense, e.g. the Derby database does not require a username/password.
Using WritableXMLFileSystem to implement CreatedModifiedFiles layer operations.
Comment only.
apisupport needs a TAX impl at runtime.
Better error reporting.
Fixing DataShadow deserialization to properly handle anonymous filesystems (again, and testing it this time).
New module.
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