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Reading radio groups from the document
#62831:Add system property to bypass license check.
#61991: invalid toolbar layout after switching toolbar configuration
#62615: DatabaseRuntime.stop() is not called
tuning a little bit, make sure that 'future' panels will work correctly
#62406: do not cache palette customizer
#62490: palette menu action renamed to 'Palette'
#62554: notify user when toolbar name they're trying to add is already used
59837: Make sure that we are notified about some invalid forms.
62448: Exception You need to have xerces.jar available to use XMLUtil.write under JDK 1.4 is thrown during deployment of J2EE app
Fix for #62530: bookmarks should be shown in the error stripe.
Fix for #61688: NPE if project has no ActionProvider in lookup
Removing unneeded field
#62829:Remove Preferences API usage from license check.
#62304: add resizing gap to fixed layout only in resizing container in the resizing dimension
new wizard to generate MBean JUnit tests
Undefined values of attributes are not saved to form file
Modified to handle 4.1 XTest tmp dir
If changes are made to the layer node, save them to XML.
Improving change firing, though there are still some problems that probably only Radek could diagnose.
Update/Show Status did not notice new files in new directories
Changed UI according to UI spec
Issue number: 60670 Reviewed by: dsimonek theme.xml can support reference (to other keys). Instead of supplying directly the values (e.g. RGB for color) it should be possible to supply a reference to already existing key in theme.xml. The patch does not support forward reference - the referenced key must be *before* the reference to it is used in another key.
Fixed Issue #61923 - "external modification of ejb-jar.xml"
Improved and simplified merging of deployment descriptors
Fixed Issue #61930 - "New servlet is not correctly registered in web.xml"
Adjusting the project delete API according to issue #61546. Implementing project copy/rename/move.
Comment only.
A note re. #58823.
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