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Jesse Glick
Updated copyright headers. [17]
Michal Zlamal
Upadate licenses to have up to date year
Updated comments and generation build script.
#137310 - Added class generating wrappers of all JDI methods. These wrappers should catch exceptions thrown from JDI calls.
Module paths translated.
Dual Licensing with CDDL and GPLv2
Updating to CDDL for module debuggerjpda
Projectize debugger modules
*** empty log message ***
New debugger API merge
Build system.
#36759 Flexible build of NetBeans
Support for starting debugger in listening mode added. At the moment
Removing obsolete check for JDK 1.2.
#32143 openide-loaders.jar is separated from openide.jar
30810 30810 : Module depends on deprecated APIs
Updated Sun's portions copyright years to 1997-2003 in module javadocs
Rollback of Issue 27199
#27199 Change of deploy directory
#19443: openide separation, phase II (compiler + execution + io).
#26597 Change deploy dir of update tracking XML
#19443: separation of openide, phase I.
Added javadoc targets
Do not presume that the jdkhome will be setup by nbbuild/build.xml
#13850 <makenbm> should support OpenIDE-Module-Localizing-Bundle
Change deploy directory of update_tracking.xml file.
Generating listing of the content of all NBMs to the xml listing file.
#9779: autoload modules. Implemented in module system, simple unit
Merge pilsen_fcs changes to the trunk:
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