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Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Jaroslav Tulach
Removing another ML stuff
Jesse Glick
#199286: generic changes to build to an external dir. Currently fails in applemenu/eawtstub.
Jesse Glick
Updated copyright headers. [91]
Michal Zlamal
Upadate licenses to have up to date year
Module paths translated.
Fixed multilanguage build support.
I love free software very very very very very much
Updating to CDDL for module ide
#61210: automatically copy files from ${basedir}/release to ${cluster}.
#59872: use a sensible cluster dir for external modules; for all modules, ${cluster} now has the absolute path.
#57933: replacing ${nb.*.dir} properties with literal equivalents. Also fixing old references to some JAR paths which have changed recently, which ought to fix a few broken unit tests out there.
Prefer to define ${extra.module.files} rather than overriding 'files-init'.
in=auto #53251 Fix the content of update tracking.
moving welcome related files from ide/branding
Projectizing ide/welcome and fixing some winsys-related deprecations. Also makes it a regular module again, not an autoload, so it is actually enabled.
Making sure that the autoupdate can be disabled without disabling whole basic feature and after re-enabling it automatically triggers updatecenters as well
#41722: Feature packs for nb4.0 cluster
#42470: Moving core/nbide to