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Full commit
This is Batik version 1.5.1 - or more specifically, a CSS subset of it.

I've made many changes to the code. These are all (hopefully) marked
by these comments:
Typically I've left the old code inside the marker block at the beginning,
commented out.

I've also ripped out lots of code - the Batik 1.5.1 distribution had over
7,000 files in it. I've kept three packages (plus their subpackages):
org.apache.batik.css, org.apache.batik.util, and org.apache.batik.i18n.
(The i18n package is used by util).  These get built into batik-css.jar
and batik-util.jar (same as in the standard Batik distribution).

In addition, I've gone taken out lots of files within css and util that
we weren't using; such as the SVGCSSEngine, all the SVG Value Managers
except one that I'm using, etc.

I also ran into a problem when building the batik tree as part of 
a NetBeans build; the version stamp went from 1.5.1 to 2.4.1! The issue
is that the "${version}" variable used by the Batik builds is already
set by the NetBeans build! So I renamed the property to "batikversion"

Tor Norbye 4-19-2004