Network Visualizer - PacketPainter

Source for a network traffic visualizer implemented on NetBurner's MOD5441x platform. It's a hardware packet switch that captures IP addresses and serves a webpage with an interactive map of their geolocations. Plug it into your router and see where your packets are going!


Green indicates more incoming connections; blue indicates more outgoing. You can mouse over lines to see IP, location, and ISP data, and mouse over circles to see numbers of connections.


  • Captures packets promiscuously and streams their source and destination IP addresses over a WebSocket
  • Serves an HTML page that receives the addresses and requests their geolocations using client-side JavaScript
  • Uses the Leaflet library to draw addresses on a MapBox map
  • Can save/ load map data for viewing without NetBurner device



Network Visualizer copyright (c) 2015 by

Sam Posner (
and NetBurner, Inc. (

Distributed under the BSD 3-Clause License
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