Mandrill Module for ZF2

This module is intended to provide painless integration of the Mandrill API

The module is not feature complete but what's here is reasonably tested.


Use composer: "netglue/zf2-mandrill-module" : "dev-develop"

Add to modules with NetglueMandrillModule


Consult config/module.config.php

Available Services

  • 'NetglueMandrill\Client\MandrillClient' - An API Client configured with your API Key
  • 'NetglueMandrillModule\Factory\MandrillMessageFactory' - Creates Message instances with pre-configured defaults

Consult `config/


...this module provides a service so you can easily create pre-configured messages easily. I use it primarily to populate template based messages like this:

'myMessageName' => array(
    'template_name' => 'my-template-name-on-mandrill',
    'message' => array(
        'from' => array(
            'name' => 'Me!',
            'email' => '',
        'subject' => 'Template Based Message',
// ...

// Later on, somewhere in your app:

$factory = $serviceLocator->get('NetglueMandrillModule\Factory\MandrillMessageFactory);
$message = $factory->createMessage('myMessageName');
$message->addRecipient('', 'Joe Bloggs', 'to');
$deliveryResult = $message->send();
var_dump($deliveryResult->isSuccess()); // true with any luck

See Also

The Guzzle backed API Client library


Requires phpunit 3.7 ish. May well work with newer or older versions.

$ cd path/to/module
$ composer install
$ cd tests
$ nano|vi|whatever config/my.local.php
$ phpunit


Contributions/fixes are much appreciated.

Add issues to the tracker here