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SteamKit2 is a .NET library designed to interoperate with Valve's Steam network. It aims to provide a simple, yet extensible, interface to perform various actions on the network.

Getting Binaries

Visual Studio

Starting with version 1.2.2, SteamKit2 is distributed as a NuGet package.

Simply install SteamKit2 using the package manager in Visual Studio, and NuGet will add all the required dependencies and references to your project.


We additionally distribute binaries on our downloads page.

For more information on installing SteamKit2, please refer to the Installation Guide on the wiki.


Documentation consists primarily of XML code documentation provided with the binaries, and our wiki.


SteamKit2 is released under the LGPL-2.1 license.


In order to compile and use SteamKit2, the following dependencies are required:

Note: If you're using the NuGet package, the protobuf-net dependency should be resolved for you. See the Installation Guide for more information.


IRC: / #opensteamworks

Recent activity


Commits by netshroud were pushed to netshroud/SteamRE

46dce31 - NethookAnalyzer: Added support for parsing GC bodies based on class and message name endings

Commits by netshroud were pushed to netshroud/SteamRE

334711d - DepotDownloader: Fixed NullReferenceException, fixed not reloading CDR if cdr.proto is deleted
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