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             \item 80er Jahre: Chaos Computer Club
             \item 2007: Chaos Communication Camp und 24C3
-            \item 2009: CRE 134
+                \cite{Ohlig2007}
+            \item 2009: CRE 134 \cite{Pritlove2009}
+    \begin{thebibliography}{XX}
+        %\beamertemplatebookbibitems
+        %\beamertemplatearticlebibitems
+        \beamertemplatetextbibitems
+        \bibitem[Ohlig 2007]{Ohlig2007}
+            Jens Ohlig, Lars Weiler.
+            \newblock {\em Building a Hacker Space}.
+            \footnotesize
+            \newblock \url{}
+            \normalsize
+        \bibitem[Pritlove 2009]{Pritlove2009}
+            Tim Pritlove, Astera, Johannes Grenzfurthner.
+            \newblock {\em CRE134 Hackerspaces}.
+            \newblock \url{}
+    \end{thebibliography}
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