Author Commit Message Date Builds> <> [fcp-afs1]
Fixing a bug in the get_all_jobs manager that ignored multiple settings, now we can have multiple jobs with multiple settings with the same file source> <> [fcp-afs1]
Adding some more verbose logging> [EE2]
Setting up logging to match Django's right way, changing imports and fixing the broken e-mail tests> <> [fcp-afs1]
Adding a simple time for the submission time on the email_success template.> <> [fcp-afs1]
FTP object does not auto connect if the FTP connection breaks. The creation of the connection must be reset in the loop.> <> [fcp-afs1]
Adds a JOB_THESHOLD that defines the number of seconds that might appear between jobs of a group.> <> [fcp-afs1]
JOB_OUT_PATH is not defined when the job doesn't finish sucessfully.> <> [fcp-afs1]
I should really run my own tests before committing. All tests pass.> <> [7312]
We should check for non-ascii characters, not acsii ones> <> [7312]
Makes sure that all characters in the filename string are ascii compatible before ftplib blows up> <> [fcp-afs1]
Fixed a the failing test> <> [fcp-afs1]
Moving the signal to clean the filename of the output to the eeftp because the ftp needs to be aware of the changing of the filename for the xml uploading> <> [fcp-afs1]
Fixed the uuid block tag in the xml template> <> [fcp-afs1]
Fixed a few issues with the get_current site item and changed the test client to django's test client to make better testing of the site. Also fixed an assumption in one of the tests> <> [7312]
Adding some dependancy on the sites framework to have the site availible to us in the template> <> [7312]
Fixed a typo in the email success template> <> [7312]
Fixed an issue with the link to resubmit a job> <> [7312]
Changed the jobs to properly use the MEDIA ROOT setting and changed the ftp to adhear to that> <> [7312]
Added links to resumit a job in the e-mail> <> [fcp-afs1]
Added a few more options to the job admin> <> [fcp-afs1]
Fixed a few issues in the send_ftp function. I called connect twice on the ftp instance and also had a typo with jobs_success.> <> [7312]
Changed the licence to be clear about title and non-infringement and also removed an unnecessary pluralization> <> [7312]
Removed the empty signals file that was left over from before open sourcing when signals still lived in a different file than models.
Added a fixtures directory so tests pass with a direct clone from Mercurial> <> [fcp-afs1]
Fixed a few issues with the FTPEvent admin not being able to register and display> <> [7312]
Since we have xml_helpers, we can give the video a unique id attribute in the template.> <> [7312]
Added the 'eeorganizer.eeftp to the settings file. Tests reveil that I am subclassing an instance, not a class, so make changes accordingly.> <> [7312]
Changes the 01_job script to setup the environ for Django before importing utils. This is better so you can also have your custom logging methods defined in your project> <> [7312]
Adds documentation to the functions in eeorganizer.utils, realizing that some of the functions don't actually do what they should when documented, I updated those functions to work better.> <> [7312]
Cleans up the utils. The CustomLogger import doesn't help anyone. Sys exits when DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE not found.
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