Ryan Macnak  committed c15a13b

Bring bootstrap runtime back into sync with normal runtime.

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File BootstrapRuntimeForSqueak.ns3

 	Collections = namespace NSCollections Collections.
 	Ducts = namespace Brazil Ducts.
+	Exceptions = namespace NSExceptions Exceptions.
 	Kernel = namespace NSKernel Kernel.
 	Mirrors = namespace Mirrors NewspeakMirrors.
 		LowLevelMirrors = namespace Mirrors LowLevelMirrorsForSqueak.
 	public collections = Collections usingPlatform: self.
 	public ducts = Ducts usingPlatform: self.
+	public exceptions = Exceptions usingPlatform: self.
 	public kernel = Kernel usingPlatform: self vmMirror: vmm.
 	public mirrors = Mirrors usingPlatform: self vmMirror: vmm.
 	public past = Past usingPlatform: self.