Ryan Macnak avatar Ryan Macnak committed d9f3c51

Remove some excessive initialization to nil.

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 	initHdr selector: (initializerSelectorNameFor: initHdr selector).	
 	subs:: subInitializersFor: aNode. (* compute (empty) subinitializers *)
-	slots:: aNode slots collect:[:slot <SlotDefAST> |
+	slots:: (aNode slots reject: [:slot | slot initializer isNil]) collect:[:slot <SlotDefAST> |
 		| aMsg <MessageAST> slotInitializer <ExpressionAST> |
 		slotInitializer:: slot initializer apply: copier.
 		aNode isSeq ifFalse: [slotInitializer:: futureFor: slotInitializer].


 				ifFalse: [am first start].
                  init isNil ifTrue:[ end:: sd end. 
 							slotClass:: MutableSlotDefAST. 
-							msg:: MessageAST new send: #nil
+							(*msg:: MessageAST new send: #nil
                                                                         with: OrderedCollection new;
                                                                         start: sd start; end: sd end.
-                                 		expr:: hereSendFromMsg: msg.    
+                                 		expr:: hereSendFromMsg: msg.  *)
                               ifFalse:[end:: init last concreteEnd. 
 	                                     expr:: init at: 2. 
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