Ryan Macnak  committed f56be20

Suggestion from Bob: make Monticello forget the path to the package-cache used during the bootstrap

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File smalltalk/

 "ChangeSet fileIntoNewChangeSet: 'smalltalk/95-PostPatches.cs'."
-MCWorkingCopy allManagers do: [:ea | ea modified: false].
+MCWorkingCopy allManagers do: [:ea | ea modified: false].
+MCCacheRepository instVarNamed: 'default' put: nil.
+ "Forget about the path to the package cache used during the bootstrap"
 BlackMarket resetEverything.
 NsToolSet releaseMemory: true.
 SHTextStylerST80 setupForNewsqueak.
 [BlackMarket platform kernel takeOver] ifError: [Transcript show: 'takeOver failed'; cr].
-[BlackMarket platform kernel takeOver2] ifError: [Transcript show: 'takeOver2 failed'; cr].
 NsToolSet releaseMemory: true.