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  1. RichardEyre


Issues #51, #50, #48, #42

So the change over to cordova 2.3 seemed to be super easy. I've changed everything to cordova 2.3 and added the library into the project now.

This may cause some problems as cordova needs a plist in order to determine the what method it should be calling on the plugin, we'll have to figure that out later.

I've added the cordova 2.3 library here. I haven't changed any of the code so it is not compiling right now.

I'd like this to serve as a place where we can discuss the change. Caitlin will be changing over ReturnableCommand stuff and I'll be doing the MedicalDevicePlugin and Invoker, etc.

Please note in the new library update instead of importing by doing <Cordova/[Cordova Header File]> we can just do "[Cordova Header File]" due to the way that this new library has beeb linked.

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      1. RichardEyre author

        Cordova provides a statically linked library with the Xcode project. However, in order to use that Xcode requires the header files of the library to be included in the project, so that is what you are seeing with the Cordova files there.

      2. RichardEyre author

        Based on what I have been reading we wouldn't need the header files if it were a dynamically linked library. However, Cordova does not provide this and there are a lot of problems with using dynamic libraries Xcode still.

        If a DLL is something that we'd like to pursue I can look into that for now.

      3. RichardEyre author

        Actually, we might be able to create a framework which doesn't have any of the other problems as a DLL, but functions in the same way. However, Cordova does not do this so we would have to figure that out ourselves.