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Issue #4 resolved

Timeout when installing NJDoc

Paul Verest
created an issue

Timeout when installing NJDoc

Please consider alternative hosting for p2 repository

Comments (4)

  1. Paul Verest reporter

    From Beijing, where I am - Google drive is quick (but sometimes not reachable) - BinTray.com (upload via cURL) seems OK, but is new beta service - GitHub pages tends to be slower (I see 7KB/s when updating nodeclipse) - Amazon web services (paid service, should be $0-$10 per month)

  2. Paul Verest reporter

    Now it installed really quick.

    The problems now are:

    • JSHInt is old (current is 0.9.8)

    • version 1.5.1 conclicts with Web Tools (HTML Editor)

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