Command line Time tracking and reporting


  • I never find time tracker that I like to use.(classical right?)
  • Terminal is always open when my laptop is open.
  • I wanted to learn Go(programming language)
  • Also wanted to learn protocol buffers.

So, here it is.

Command line based time tracker built with Go(programming language) and protocol buffers.


Samay is a hindi word for Time.

Unique features (not so much in reality)

  • Command line based simple interface
  • Uses simple files to store data.
  • Store files in Dropbox(detects dropbox folder)
  • Reasonably fast.
  • Basic reporting (monthly)


Start/Stop timer

$ samay start -p "Project Name"
$ samay start "Project Name"
$ samay start MyProject 
$ samay stop -p "Project Name" -m "worked on Samay Readme"
$ samay stop MyProject

if you don't specify -m it will open your $EDITOR to enter message and close editor to finish.

Directly log hours

$ samay entry -p "Project Name" -d 1.5h -m "worked on Samay examples"

A duration string is a possibly signed sequence of decimal numbers, each with optional fraction and a unit suffix, such as "300m", "1.5h" or "2h45m". Valid time units are "s", "m", "h".

$ samay entry MyProject -d 30m

Twitter style #hashtags are supported in log message, example message: "Some time spent in #project #management" that will create two tags "project" and "management" for that entry

This will open editor window to enter log message.


$ samay report

Report for April 2013
|  Project  |  Hours | Clock |
| Samay     |  21:12 |       |
| SY        |  12:06 |       |
| Beehive   |   3:16 |       |
| Chore     |   1:49 |  0:14 |

$ samay report -r 3 
(here 3 is month e.g March)

Reporting with web interface

$ samay web

This will open system web browser (on mac os x using open) and show all projects in tabbed interface.

Web interface 1 Web interface 2 Web interface 3

To add non billable hours

$ samay stop -p "Project Name" -m "worked on Samay Readme" -bill false


$ samay entry MyProject -d 1.5h -bill false

You can always skip -m option it will open $EDITOR

Remove project with all of its data

$ samay remove -p "Project Name"
$ samay remove MyProject

Log last 10 entries from Project

$ samay log -p Samay


$ samay log Samay


  • If your Dropbox has folder named "Samay" in dropbox root, do not run this utility before renaming that folder to something else.
  • This software comes with NO WARRANTIES.