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+Django Debugging
+Django debugging makes it easier to debug your app during development. Currently it contains the runserver_plus functionality from the project [django-extensions]( "Django Extensions").
+Run `pip install hg+`
+If you are using the package from source you will need to install [Werkzeug]( manually.
+Add `form_extensions` to your `INSTALLED_APPS` setting:
+    ...
+    'django_debugging',
+Getting Started
+To get started use the `runserver_plus` command instead of `runserver`. All `runserver` options will work with `runserver_plus`.
+$ python runserver_plus
+* Running on
+* Restarting with reloader...
+Validating models...
+0 errors found
+Django version 1.4.1, using settings 'mysite.conf.settings'
+Development server is running at
+Using the Werkzeug debugger (
+Quit the server with CONTROL-C.
+Werkzeug displays its own traceback page instead of Django's normal traceback page.
+It has two options:
+###View Source
+You can expand and the view the source of each line in the traceback.
+###Interactive Console Debugger
+Lets you evaluate python expressions in the browser with the context being same as the line in the traceback. Use it to print values, assign variables, or run functions. (*Warning:* This is extremely insecure and should never be run and a production server.)


     'minor': 1,
     'micro': 0,
     'releaselevel': 'alpha',
-    'serial': 1
+    'serial': 2
 def get_version(short=False):
         vers.append('%s%i' % (__version_info__['releaselevel'][0], __version_info__['serial']))
     return ''.join(vers)
-__version__ = get_version()
+__version__ = get_version()