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megaman821  committed 0496c39

clean up test formatting

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File tests/testapp/tests.py

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-This file demonstrates writing tests using the unittest module. These will pass
-when you run "manage.py test".
-Replace this with more appropriate tests for your application.
 from django.test import TestCase
-from lxml import objectify
 from .forms import HoneypotForm, HoneypotInitForm, USCurrencyForm, CreditCardForm
 from .forms import HTMLForm, HTMLTagsForm, HTMLAttrsForm, HTMLStylesForm, HTMLEleReplaceForm
 class HoneypotFieldTests(TestCase):
     def test_correct(self):
         form = HoneypotInitForm(data)
 class HTMLFieldTests(TestCase):
     def test_not_escaped(self):
         output = form.cleaned_data['html']
         self.assertEqual(expected, output)
     def test_styles_no_change(self):
         input = '<p style="border: 2px solid black;">Testing styles.</p>'
         data = {
         output = form.cleaned_data['html']
         self.assertEqual(expected, output)
 class USCurrencyFieldTests(TestCase):
     def test_correct(self):
         form = USCurrencyForm(data)
 class CreditCardFieldTests(TestCase):
     def test_correct(self):
             'number': '1234567890123456'
         form = CreditCardForm(data)
-        self.assertFalse(form.is_valid())
+        self.assertFalse(form.is_valid())

File tox.ini

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 recreate = True
 changedir = tests
 commands =
-    python ./manage.py test
+    python ./manage.py test testapp