Supported Tags

  • latest (Dockerfile)
  • 1.7.0_latest (Dockerfile)
  • 1.8.0_latest (Dockerfile)
  • Any JRE 7/8 version, in the format 1.<version>.0_<build> ie: 1.8.0_40, 1.7.0_21.

What's in this image?

This image contains the latest version of CentOS, running the latest version of the Oracle JRE (nfowlie/centos-jre:latest).

All versions of the Oracle JRE 7 & 8 are supported, refer to for the complete list of available tags.

Supported Docker Versions

This has been tested with Docker version 1.7.0 and higher. Mileage may vary with earlier versions.


If you have any issues with this image, please raise a bug